December 2015!

As you can see, from the date of my last post, College Life has kept me busy!    

I am so fortunate to be attending school in the heart of Boston!  Aside from meeting amazing people, daily classes, homework, and more homework, I have learned about an issue that is happening right now and has a global effect – Climate Change.  What started out as a college project became more than just researching and writing down the facts with multiple essays.

Climate Change is very real and it takes the efforts of all to make a positive change.  (Click on the photo below to access a video of the COP21 Paris).




Aside from Global Leaders Fashion Models and other well knownrepresentatives are also advocating for climate change by bringing the issue to light with posts on their Instagram accounts, Facebook accounts etc.

PicMonkey Collage

I hope that from reading this you too have been inspired to join the cause and help create a positive change!


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December 2014 ~ Happy New Year 2015!

It was an exciting month!  I am so fortunate and grateful to have been chosen by Teen Vogue to host a Holiday Party!  The Teen Vogue box arrived a week before the party, it was filled with decorations, magazines, Vera Wang gifts, tons of candy, a holiday movie and more – add a group of my friends, a pasta dinner and we had the best Holiday Party imaginable.  

In early December I shot with professional photographer Steve Sullivan.  I met Steve so many years ago that he seems more like family than a colleague. While I’m taking my last mid-terms of my high school career, Steve will be back stage at NYC Fashion week taking behind the scenes photos – I’d switch places in a second!  

December also brought exciting news for my future – I received a 4 year Deans Scholarship to Wheelock College!

photo 2 (2)

photo 1011525420_896845817006065_1507933424024570416_n (2)


Teen Vogue Holiday Party!

DSC_8211_pp (2)-ash

ashley jermaine







Shot by Steve Sullivan






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November 2014

The month has just begun – I’ll have more to post later, but wanted to share ** You never know what can happen when you post a photo on social media.  Be sure it’s your best work, make it classy, and add a #hashtag – it’s this small addition that can lead to an opportunity to get your work noticed.  This is what happened when I added #teenvogue to a photo - #dreamer – I’ve mentioned before – I knew I always wanted to model, and when my mom came across this photo when I was 6 and the other taken at 16 – the proof is in the pose!

teenvogue .42.30 (2)

born to model











Yesterday I had the opportunity to represent Christopher Nation,  the filmmaker of  So In Love.  I was cast in the starring supporting role of Janelle, in the film shot  in California last year.  Traveling the Film Festival circuit – So In Love, starring  Eastynn Chadwick  and Christian Hutcherson premiered at the North of Boston Film Festival.  It was exciting to see the poster lit up and on the wall in a theater!  It was an honor to attend on behalf of Filmmaker Christopher Nation and the entire cast and crew.


More to come ~

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July – October 2014 -


The summer flew – a vacation to Bermuda and attending two volleyball programs to prepare for the season, I was fortunate the boot camp, the bruises and  the long hours paid off, I made varsity.  I have an amazing agency – after talking with Renee Lauren, the director of CLICK Models in Philly – she supported me 100% with my decision to black out my booking calendar during the entire volleyball season.  This also meant that I had to pass on invitations to walk in Boston Fashion Week this year.

Right before the season started, I received a call from designer Julie Kontos.  I’ve worked with Julie in the past, and she asked if I would be available to open her show for StyleWeek Providence.  Walking in StyleWeek is exhilarating – held at the elegant Providence Biltmore.  While I opened the show, a good friend of mine closed the show.  Madi and I have known each other since kindergarten – and it’s always fun when we have the opportunity to work together.  I’ve included a photo of Madi and I below.

If an aspiring model is reading my blog (which I hope someone is :) – please make these type of choices.  Life spins by too quickly – choose your path wisely and don’t skip out on an experience you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  Our team ended the season with a 15-2 standing, made it to tournament and I received a Tri-Valley League All Star Honorable Mention for my performance.

PicMonkey Collage

girl model10636171_10152630453317118_8741079236868647232_n



image-26-08-14-10-37-2 10645116_10152630446222118_2095867226044045956_n




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Ashley J.


May 2014 – June 2014 -

What can I say… School!

School has been my priority these past few months.  It’s junior year, involving college trips, tours, decisions.  I did take some time out to shoot for Bob’s Clothing Stores!





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Ashley J.



April 2014 !

I absolutely can’t believe it’s April and the last update I had was October, 2013.  My life has been busy working and remaining focused on my junior year.  To get my feet back into modeling in the East Coast, I worked with photographer Steve Sullivan in November – working with Steve is always fun and we come away with killer shots!!    In February I had the opportunity to work with Daniel Hernandez, an internationally recognized award winning designer.  DH Studio Designs walked the Las Vegas Fashion Week Runway.    This past March I was interviewed by Explore Modeling and featured on Cristina DeHart’s Blog – I’ve included the link and blog below.  In addition to the interview and shout out by Cristina, who I’ve had the pleasure to know for several years,   I have also reconnected with the Models Against Bullying Campaign, and participated in a shoot this past week.  The pictures from the shoot will be on display during the runway show in August which will benefit the Kraft Jordan Family Boys and Girls Clubs.   I’ve had the opportunity to shoot for Shop 344 and land a standing job for a Boston Boutique where I model Anthropologie and Free People designs for their local and overseas advertising initiatives.


Shots by Steve Sullivan!!







Designer Daniel Hernandez Designs:

Resort2014-7 (2)


1274121_10201750213695634_414102344_o (1)

Shop 344!


1522509_763508310344006_1328931473_o (1)




Models Against Bullying Shoot – April

photo 3 (4)220730-0IMG_0720


Boutique Modeling !!



October 2013 ~

There is no greater place to be than home!  California is undeniably gorgeous,  sunny, and the beaches are simply amazing.   The West Coast  is home to many that love everything about it, but for me, it wasn’t home. My plane landed in Boston earlier this month, and as soon as I felt the Boston air kiss my face, I was flooded with the all that is familiar.  I’m now back at school and reconnecting with friends, teachers and of course CLICK Boston and my favorite people in the New England fashion world; Designers, Photographers and models.  I’ll be shooting with photographer Steve Sullivan with H&M by Niki Pleau in early November – we’re working on something completely inspiring, edgy, and of course it will be so fun!

Before leaving CA, I was interviewed by Theresa Pickett, a Yahoo! Voices contributor.  The interview talks about my work with the film So In Love, as a supporting actress in the role Janelle, my thoughts and advice for young girls aspiring to model and how their parents can support, yet not ‘join’ their child’s dream/ambition to model or act.  
In addition to the interview, I was contacted by Seventeen Magazine requesting some new digitals for my file ~ here are a few shots we took with my iphone. 
Ashley 10 - Copy
Ashley 3
Ashley 4
Right now… I’m loving Fall in New England and everything that comes with being back home!
Below is the view from my window of the amazing autumn colors – Gorgeous!!!
For now ~

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August & September 2013~

The past few months have been the most stressful and difficult time in my life.  Moving to CA seemed like a dream, for those who aspire to model and act, Los Angeles is  thought to be the gold rush to success.  My opportunity to move to CA came with my father’s employment – yet once here, all I wanted was to return to Boston.  I missed the town, the familiarity, my boyfriend, my friends and even the rain… The world seemed to stop spinning.  I continued my schooling with an Independent Study Program, surprisingly quite common here in CA for teens that work, the professional athletes, and for those that act or model.  My teacher with the Seaside Academy program, albeit of just a few weeks, was perfect, and if my family and I were able to let go of New England, I would have completed my High School with this program.  The home study program definitely has its advantage, travel for castings, photoshoots, and auditions would have no school roadblocks.  

Aside from loving the Pacific Ocean just minutes from our home, the highlight of my time here in California was the visit to CLICK LA office and spending time with the director, Jami Wrenn.  It’s a reaffirmation that the agency I’m with is exactly who I should be working with.

So, here we are, it’s  October and I and my family are moving back to Boston!  My shift in work slides back to CLICK Boston, NYC and Philly and I’m  thrilled!  I’m excited to be  going back to my H.S., my boyfriend, friends, extended family, and the unpredictable weather of Boston!  

Boston Fashion Week kicks off this week and Extrinsic 2 a Boston Fashion Week Show produced by Designer Daniel Hernandez was named as one of the top 10 Not To Miss Boston Fashion Week events.  Alongside Extrinsic 2′s write up in The Boston Globe’s style section was this shot of me wearing one of Daniels amazing designs! 

Boston Globe Article 10 things not to miss Boston Fashion Week 9-25-2013 05_DH_Studios_Inc-2

For now ~

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June into July ….

brings Life Changing Events…


I was aked by Daniel Hernandez to be the model to appear on the cover of the premier issue of “Fashion Industry Magazine” launching in 2014.  The shoot was mind-blowing!!  Imagine walking into a setting where you would expect to see ‘private, do not trespass’ robes…  Set in a private residence in Newport, RI draped in luxury with precious oils valued in the millions lining the walls and sailing trophies spotted in each room.   I wore  5 designs which were shot throughout the mansion. I, along with three incredibly talented models; Diego Shuts, Bobby Fisher and Jayson Joyce; MUA Arturo Draper proved he’s one of the best in the business with the many style changes needed throughout the day and Stylist Tricia Cromwell was as talented as she was organized.  All was caught on film by high fashion photographer Dave O’Connor.   The shoot was captured with behind the scene footage to be featured with Rich Kimble’s Visual Content Magazine.

Below is a view of just one of the rooms the shoot took place – stunning!!

RI Shoot for Fashion Industry Magazine


Later in June…. 

I walked in my final (for a while anyway).. show in Boston featuring  designs by Daniel Hernandez for the Fashion Launch Party – Visual Content Magazine  ’Seeing is Believing’  announced by Daniel Hernandez with the following….. “Tomorrow marks a great step in my career, Magazine Cover #8 for VC Magazine, Miss Teen Mass Taylor Higgins will walk the runway with Cover Girl Ashley Jermaine, Mercedes Benz, My new line of LIPSTICKS, The release of the Miman De shoe and last but not least a fantastic preview for EXTRINSIC a short Film and clothing collection. Please join me this evening and allow me to share my hard work with you.”

993001_10201042491843030_2108704599_n (1)

Photo snapped before the show - 




July …..

Relocation to San Diego, California

Leaving my boyfriend & close friends in Boston is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. (Good news is my family has booked plane tickets for a visit in November…and I’m working on getting a trip planned for October).  

So many people think the move was for my career – this so isn’t true… my Father’s job change brought us to San Diego – the down side .. leaving people I love … the upside … being close to LA and  I’m so fortunate that CLICK LA learned of my relocation from my ‘Mother’ Agency – CLICK Philly” and the director welcomed me saying CLICK LA is  excited to work with me as soon as I hit the ground in California.  Having the support of such a great agency immensely helps lighten the burden.  Thinking of how hard I’ve worked to build my career in the East Coast, I was worried what would happen moving to the West Coast.  I’m so thankful that I’ve had people reach out to me offering help once I get my feet planted.  Help offered from people who are known in the business and who are genuine, from the director of a well known casting agency to a Founder/Owner/Executive Producer of a Media Publishing Company, I’m beyond thankful for their help and guidance. 

I landed in CA this week ( July 24th) – we’re in our new house, however our furniture is still in route from Boston. Before I jump into my career I knew I had to take care of a few things… so the past few days I tackled registering for the new school year ( which begins Aug. 28th..) – taking the permit test for my license, learning my way around the town and to the beach, staying in touch with my friends in Boston and preparing for a table read for the film So In Love I’ll be working on in August.  One more thing….. I’m updating my blog using my cell phone since my computer is still on the moving truck… 

Not having a computer has pushed back a request by a well known professional/celebrity in the modeling industry who reached out to me the day after I landed in CA asking to interview me via skype.  This is an amazing opportunity which was met by .. “No worries, we can have the interview when your furniture and computer arrive from Boston”.

Until then…

Pose ~ Smile ~ Laugh

…. It’s beach time

xoxo Ashley



Wow.. It’s May!!

These past few months life definitely kicked in high gear with school and some work that has kept me from my blog.   I’m focusing on one great opportunity – a location shoot at the Beach with Steve Sullivan.  Niki Pleau worked her magic with hair and makeup and Kyle Sullivan helped with setup and screen.  The wind was whipping but the shots that were captured are some of the very best of what I’ve done.  Most of the work and shoots I’ve done have been in studio, so shooting at the beach was an amazing experience that I’d love to do again soon!

In April I  was contacted by CLICK NYC with an invitation to come to the city and work with CLICK and their visiting clients for castings and test shoots.  I was asked to take some digital ‘bikini pics’ and a brief video – The director loved the pics and the video and what can I say.. receiving the email saying “Welcome to CLICK NYC” was like getting the best compliment ever.

This week I received a message from a scout with RED Model Management asking if I’m interested in being represented by RED NYC!  This made my week!  To learn that my photos caught the attention of a scout from one of the top modeling agencies in NYC simply blew my mind!!  I feel so fortunate to have these opportunities offered unsolicited.  With CLICK NYC, Boston and Philly representing me, I feel as if I’m truly part of the CLICK Family.  I have a huge life changing opportunity coming my way this summer – let’s just say without adding too many details just yet…I’m now represented by 4 CLICK offices  - I’ll soon be working with CLICK LA!

What comes next? – I have a shoot scheduled in a few weeks for a well known clothing Co. pics will be posted once that takes place – and have been asked to be on the cover of a premier issue of a Fashion and Industry Magazine and I just learned the shoot will take place in a NEWPORT RI Mansion!!  This will be epic – if you’ve ever been to NewPort RI, you know the mansions – they’re amazing!

Below are some shots by Steve Sullivan from the Beach Shoot – the Hair and Makeup was stellar – Niki Pleau is so talented!!

To see more photos click on the portfolio link from the main page!

Ashley Jermaine

ashley - by steve sullivan


Ashley J. - Steve Sullivan

Ashley Jermaine - Beach shoot with Steve Sullivan



Beach Shoot with Steve Sullivan & H&M by Niki Pleau







Ashley J-e

 DSCF06869999Digitals for CLICK NYC

 That’s all for now ~

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February … OK.. It’s actually March 8th!


Things are spinning and busier than ever!  The 2 page beauty spread hit Seventeen Magazine’s March issue, and my mailbox on February 2nd – Teen Vogue came the same week!   I feel incredibly lucky to have had the amazing experience with two huge publications.  It’s now March 8th as mentioned in my post title, and the April issue of Seventeen is out.  My heart was racing when turning the pages to the CoverGirl Feature – then seeing it – what can I say, it is mind blowing!  This has been the greatest experience of my modeling career to date!    

Now, what comes next…. 

February also brought a few exciting projects  my way -

During February break I worked with photographer Steve Sullivan recreating classic Vogue Covers from the 1950′s and 1960′s – stay tune – the images are traffic stopping amazing!!!   Steve and MUA  Niki Pleau are amazingly talented and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend the day with them, as well as Steve’s kids Kyle and Leah – both so nice!  I look forward to the launch of this incredibly brilliant venture – and from what I’ve seen so far.. it’s going to be epic!!

 I’ve been cast as the lead in an Anti-Bully Music Video with UR Brand being produced by Art Aperitif Productions filming later this month!  Working on Anti-bully projects is a rewarding contribution of my time for projects with a greater purpose.  Be sure to check out my website tab “Stomp out Bullying” for video upload and news news as it unfolds on this exciting venture. 

More news to share, I’ve been cast in a supporting role as ‘Janelle’ in the movie titled So In Love, a Christian Film produced by Hollywood Sunset Pictures.  During February break I submitted a monologue to Mystique Talent and Model Agency with Cynthia Hudson , and the director contacted me saying my monologue stood out and offered me the role!  Filming takes place next fall in California!!!

Today I’m off to Boston for the Jimmy Choo Runway show – this was a direct booking with the client via my agency, CLICK!  (No casting involved!).  And I’ve been asked to attend a request casting next week for an athletic brand company.  I was unable to make the initial casting due to my schedule, so the client contacted my agency, asking what day/time would work for me, and they will make it work on their end!  This was huge, leaving me so grateful that the company representatives like my look enough to work around MY schedule!


That’s about it for now.. stay in the loop with me by Liking my Facebook Fan Page

Until then - 

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January 30th, 2013!

I’m recovering from a double concussion.  On November 28th I was struck in the back of the head by a volleyball when a girl ‘practicing’ her spike didn’t check her surroundings before striking the ball, I was less than 10 feet in front of her.  Instead of walking off the court like I should have, I went to the sidelines and continued to practice.  20 minutes after the first blow, I was hit again as a girl ‘practiced’ her serve in my direction.  This blow hit me on the side of my head – 2 hits in 20 minutes.  The concussion knocked me off my feet longer than I would have ever expected – PLEASE.. if you are reading this, and you play a sport, if you get hit, get out of the game!!  I should have walked off the court after the first blow, the second blow not only knocked me out of the game, it took much more.  I’m fortunate I’m healing, however  it’s a slow process that brings multiple concussion symptoms that flow in and out of each day.   

During this month, I was fortunate to be recognized by Professional Makeup Artist  Ashleigh Taylor and featured on her page as the Model of the Week!  Each day Ashleigh posted a photo and information about me and my career. Exposure such as this is priceless!

January also brought the unveiling of Expression by Jennifer Chen’s new website which was  redesigned and published! Take a look at  The site features the ArtSpoken designs. 







The Teen Vogue Gift Card arrived in January!  I received $100 as part of the gift for being chosen as one of the 5 finalists for Princess Vera Wang, sponsored by Vera Wang, Kohl’s and Teen Vogue.  It feels amazing to give back, spending the $100 on myself would have never felt as great as purchasing new clothing for a local shelter.  This past Sunday I had the opportunity to drop off the bag of clothes, and to see this little girl’s face as she saw some new outfits in the bag, was so amazing.

January also brought a bit of LUCK – I entered the Teen Vogue “Girls Night In” contest, and received an emailing naming me as a finalist from across the country.  Then just this week a Teen Vogue representative contacted me to share the exciting news that I was chosen to host one of the Girls Night In 10th Anniversary Teen Vogue Party!!  There will be 15 parties across the country, and I’m hosting one of them!  Everything for a dream party will be supplied by Teen Vogue!!

The month is now closing but it’s not ending quietly.  I’ve been called by Tatiana Cueva, having been referred to her by Valentina Oppezzo.  Tatiana is a designer showcasing her work in StyleWeek Proivdence .  I met Valentina Oppezzo when she was the photographer from the CV Boston Fashion Week this past summer, and shot an amazing picture of me wearing Arlinda Norris designs on the runway.  Another reason why working and networking is so important, get to know those you work with you never know when you may be able to help someone, or when someone will help you. 

Tomorrow I hit the runway in StyleWeek Providence at the historic Biltmore Hotel.  Walking the runway is always exhilarating and  an honor to showcase the designs created by Tatiana Cueva.

What’s ahead in February?  Get back myself back to 100% and kick this concussion to the curb!  Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue’s March issue will hit the stands!  I’m appearing in both publications in March, then again in Seventeen Magazine in April’s issue for a CoverGirl Cosmetic’s advertisement. 





Until then -

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Ashley J.



December 31st  2012 -

Just a quick note –  today is December 31st – the last day of 2012 – it’s been an amazing year!  

I would like to share a link to an interview as printed on Boston’s VOX –

An Interview With Model Ashley Jermaine From Boston Photography Studio Camera Works Photography

I was interviewed by Photographer Mo Alghool – the interview was his first blog post as found on this link:

Interview with Ashley Jermaine

2013 will definitely be an AmaZing Year!


November 2012 -

CoverGirl, Seventeen Magazine & Teen Vogue Shoot!

Life gets away from us all at times, and November was a whirlwind of activity.  Hurricane Sandy was in the forecast, yet the representatives of Teen Vogue didn’t let a ‘perfect storm’ damper the anticipated shoot.  I was one of five girls across the country chosen to shoot with Teen Vogue wearing designs by Vera Wang’s Khol’s collection.  We all arrive in NYC the Sunday prior to Storm Sandy, Chloe from North Carolina, Raven from Alabama, Kalia from Seattle, Paulina from California and me, from Boston, MA.  

The shoot was moved from Monday to that Sunday, and with each of us arriving at different times throughout the day, it all folded together.  The day was incredibly exciting, and the shoot lasted into the night.  Monday, storm Sandy touched ground and we were fortunate to be taken well care of by Teen Vogue representatives, and staying at the Mellenium Hotel in Times Square, we never lost power, yet were all grounded till Thursday.  This additional time in the city provided us a chance to explore the city, tour Teen Vogue offices, eat some amazing food and form lasting friendships.  I can’t deny, I was disappointed I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Vera Wang, as promised, but understand the storm must have prevented the designer from reaching her offices during this time.   It was an amazing experience, I’m forever grateful to Anton, the model booker from Khol’s, who personally called me to say I was his top pic. from the national casting, and he was sending my file to NYC, and to Teen Vogue who gave me the final nod of approval and plucked me from over 4500 submissions!  The Teen Vogue photo spread will appear in the March, 2013 issue of Teen Vogue.  







Arriving home from NYC’s Teen Vogue shoot – I had a week to rest up – since the following weekend I was heading back to the city to shoot for CoverGirl cosmetics feature for Seventeen Magazine!   I was chosen by Seventeen Magazine and COVERGIRL makeup representatives to appear in a COVERGIRL Ad introducing a new COVERGIRL makeup!   I arrived at the Hearst building in the Upper West side of Manhattan and in awe by the building itself.  Hearst Corporation / Hearst Magazines, a unit of Hearst Corporation, is one of the world’s largest publishers of monthly magazines, with 20 U.S. titles and more than 300 international editions.   Seventeen reaches more than 13 million readers every month and is today’s largest selling teen beauty and fashion magazine.

The Seventeen/CoverGirl shoot blew away anything I’ve done to date!  The offices were impressive, the people were not only professional, but welcoming and so incredibly talented!  I worked with professional celebrity makeup artist from Los Angeles, Sage Maitri and  professional photographer  Peter Rosa.  The day was unforgettable, and I was thrilled knowing it was going to continue to the following day.    A few days before the CoverGirl shoot, the beauty editor telephoned me asking if I would shoot with Seventeen for their 7 Days of Beauty spread for the March, 2013 issue!  We wrapped the CoverGirl shoot, set to appear in the April, 2013 issue of Seventeen, and I returned the following day for the 7 days beauty, 2 page spread for the March issue.  I was thrilled to learn I was again shooting with Peter Rosa.  Having the opportunity to shoot with the same photographer as the previous day provided a familiarity that would only make the shoot more fun!  A shoot with 7 looks, 7 different hair styles, 7 makeup changes and wardrobe changes was surly going to be a full day – and having the opportunity to work with the same photographer, in the same studio, was a plus!  

I’m thrilled beyond words to have had this amazing opportunity with Seventeen Magazine and CoverGirl cosmetics!  The 2 page beauty spread will appear in the March 2013 issue, and the CoverGirl – two page advertisement and advertorial will appear in the April 2013 issue.  In addition to the exciting photo shoots, I had the opportunity to tour Seventeen Magazine offices, meet the Beauty Editor, Model Booker and publisher. and work with amazingly talented members of Seventeen.   I’m thrilled to have had this breathtaking experience, and humbled to be told at both shoots that the team would love to work with me again in the future!








What’s up next …….  

*** My agency CLICK Boston contacted me, Abercrombie is casting and the booker requested snapshots and black and white video of me!  

*** I’ll be shooting an entirely different genre for my portfolio  - a Fitness Shoot with Michael Quiet in      December

*** Most importantly, right now.. healing… I’ve been late updating my blog due to a double concussion I suffered while performing Volleyball drills.  A ball was spiked to the back of my head, then another ball was carelessly hit in my direction as a player was ‘practicing’ their serve toward a few of us that were running drills, and I was struck on the side of the head, within 20 minutes of the first blow.  Please be safe in all you do – and for those that play sports, please look before you strike - this injury may just knock me out of the game altogether.  


October highlight – Teen Vogue & Vera Wang Shoot!

Just this past week I received a call from a Teen Vogue representative sharing the news that I’ve been invited to NYC at the end of October!!  I’ve been chosen as a Finalist (1 of 5) for the Vera Wang Princess National Model Search!!  The trip to NYC will be three days in late October with all travel arrangements provided by Teen Vogue.  The visit will be packed with activities, some of which include Meeting Vera Wang – a photo shoot at Vera Wang Studios – a tour of Teen Vogue – and so much more!   The grand prize winner will be chosen in early November and will go on to appear in a 2013 Vera Wang Princess Advertising Campaign for Kohl’s Stores!!  A public vote will make up 30% of the decision to who will be crowned “Vera Wang Princess”.  To vote for me go to:  Thank you!!!

Be sure to LIKE my Facebook Page to see new video’s from Boston Fashion Week and photos from the NYC trips as they unfold!

September 2012

September has proven to be the busiest, craziest and more than ever, an outrageously fun month!  Aside starting my sophomore year in High School, academics are a given, it’s a must do and a journey we all take.  September also brought three days of volleyball tryouts   – something that has become a vital part of me which helps keep my balance between modeling, acting and school. The excitement of landing a spot on the J.V. team is a personal accomplishment.  Now for my zing – my work – my passion…………..


The shoot with designer Isabel Lopez at the Boston Studio Photography closed the summer in August.  Isabel’s creations are colorful and vibrant with movement kissed with feminine flare. The entire team of makeup artists, hair design, photographers and creative wardrobe stylists were amazing!  Select photos from this shoot will appear in Original Living Magazine!  (Photos below)


The next project brought me back to a live event, this time with a 90 ft. raised runway for Emerging Trends Boston Fashion Week at the Cyclorama, Boston Center for the Arts.  The first step before the show was to attend the designer booking dates.   I had the pleasure of meeting designer Lauren Beauchesne –  Lauren’s designs are classic, sophisticated and truly unique.  The second booking was with designer Christine Manthey of NYC.  The pieces I showcased were feminine, fitted and simply beautiful.   The Emerging Trends Boston Fashion Week experience was truly memorable!  The sight of the runway sent my heart beating before guests were even seated.  The exhilaration of stepping onto the 90 ft. white walkway surrounded by 500 guests was indescribable.  The lights, music and cameras flashing – it’s a rush like no other, and showcasing the designer’s pieces is forefront and I rocked the runway in their gorgeous designs. (Photos Below)


Within just a few days after Emerging Trends, I was walking the runway in Extrinsic, a DH Studio Boston Fashion Week Event at Venu Boston.  Designer Julie Kontos booked me for her collection.  Julie and I met prior to the model fittings, as I was asked by designer Daniel Hernandez to appear in his collection short film. The film was an element to opening his collection on runway, and having the opportunity to showcase Julie’s designs on film and be a part of Daniels creation was one I was thrilled to be a part of.  Julie’s designs are classic and feminine with a vintage feel.  The design I showcased on the runway was fitted, sheer and flirty.  The design was paired with beautiful jewelry created by designer Matina Lang, a perfect bag by Helena Marrin Grant (Kitchen Sink Bag) and shoes by Ahtena Mennis (Belenti New York Shoes).  Julie’s Makeup Artists and Hair Design completed the look – (Christy Lavallee/Makeup Artistry by Christy & Co., Betsy Mitchell, Salon Eva Michelle, Michelle Lee, Jennifer Ng). Hitting the runway in Julie’s design while showcasing the shoes and bag added a new dimension to runway, I loved the opportunity to present each piece at its best and the focus remained on the look as a whole as each accessory complimented the entire ensemble. (Photos below)


Boston Fashion Week provides an opportunity for numerous shows; however, balancing academics, sports and modeling can be tricky, so I feel I made the best choices with the shows I participated in. I had an amazing time, and came away from each event with favorable reviews from the event coordinators; Daniel Hernandez of DH Studios and Reaz Hoque, the CEO and Founder of Synergy events sent me a personal thank you for working their events and asked to work with me again on future projects and shows.  I will definitely put these two shows on my calendar for next year!


What’s happening next?  Today I met with Jennifer Chen of Expression by Jennifer Chen.  I’m participating in an upcoming collection shoot for her ArtSpoken designs and the entire team was brought together for collaboration and fittings meeting.  Her work is exquisite, inspirational and exciting.   Jennifer put so much of herself into her designs, and she is definitely one of the most creative, talented and ambitious designers I’ve ever worked with.  The shoot showcasing  her collection is more than the design, her vision is to incorporate the talent of the team as a whole, pairing the design with inspiration and input from the Hair and Makeup Artists to the jewelry designers and models  bringing the collection forward as an artistic expression titled ArtSpoken.  The photo shoot for the ArtSpoken collection will take place later in October.


The calendar just flipped to October which brings me to a few more casting requests with CLICK Boston, some I couldn’t make due to commitments with school and sports.  Newspaper interviews that took place during fashion week hit the stands this week with the articles focusing on my balance of academic, sports and Boston Fashion Week.   Tomorrow I, along with long time friend and runway model, Madison Barrett meet with an internet news editor for an interview sharing  our Boston Fashion Week experience and career aspirations.

One more bit of exciting news, I’ll be headed to NYC in early November for what will be the most important shoot in my career to date.  The hotel and travel are booked by the client, with a three day stay in Manhattan.  Check back in November for the full story, but for now I can share that this is a huge opportunity for national exposure!


Until then,

Smile ~ Laugh ~ Pose

Ashley Jermaine


August 2012,

For those that like to model and act.. and follow my blog post, it’s been an exciting few months and I’ve tried to push as much as possible into my schedule during these, what should be, lazy summer days.

While in San Diego on holiday, I was called several times to work on the Billy Dowd movie, Way, Way, Back.  Unfortunately, vacation came to an end, and the day I was scheduled to appear on set, a stomach bug grounded me for several days.  I missed that unique window to work on the film, but knew something else would develop, as several films were coming to the Boston area during these few months.

Design by Felix Anaman for CVFashion Week Boston

I attended a request casting at the CLICK office in NYC for a line up for fall/winter work, and came home to several other opportunities that kept my summer hopping.  I was asked to walk for the director of Boston Fashion Week’s CVFashion show, and landed a spot on the runway alongside Madison Barrett, whom I’ve known since I was 5.  Madison and I booked several designers in the show and not only had a blast showcasing their designs on the runway, but each designer asked for our contact information for future work!

This runway experience  brought to fruition two more Boston Fashion Week auditions which resulted in bookings.   I’ll be walking in the Emerging Trends Boston Fashion Week in September, and come October, I have been chosen to bring the stunning designs of Julie Kontos to the runway with Extrinsic Boston Fashion Week.

Design by Arlinda Norris – CVFashion Week Boston

Before I hit the runway again, I’ll be participating in a Boston Studio Photography Original Group Model Shoot featuring Designs by Designer Isabel Lopez.  The event comprised of a select group of 12 models chosen for the shoot which will include photographers, Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists, and the photos will be published in Original Living Magazine.

One more highlight of the past two months is my collaboration with Jennifer Chen, of Expression by Jennifer Chen’s ArtSpoken photo shoot.  ArtSpoken symbolizes the artistry in fashion through the creative, technical, and innovative process that is collaboratively and mutually inspired.  The collection is inspiring and simply amazing, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this exciting venture!  The shoot will take place in late October, and I will keep my blog readers up to date with the events as they unfold.

Until then, remember, not every casting will end in a booking.  Just this week I attended a request casting on Newbury Street, Boston.  I was handpicked by the client to attend, however, the clothing was too large for my frame, I had the look they wanted but if I can’t provide the look for their clothes, it’s a bust.  So remember, attending a casting and not achieving the booking isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it comes down to what the client is seeking – and the look they’re ultimately aiming to achieve.

Be sure to check out my portfolio, I’ve added some shots taken by WG Digital Images and Professional Photograher, Valentina Oppezzo from the CVFashion Show along a photo session by Patrick Lai of Blue Turtle Photography.  Patick was visiting Boston on business from San Francisco and contacted me for a TFP (Time for Print) photo session.  We had a gorgeous day in Boston and invited Madison Barrett along for the fun.  Patrick captured some amazing shots and when viewing one shot to the next, it’s amazing to think they were all taken on the same day within hours of each other.  Each wardrobe change presented an image with an entirely different texture, lighting, emotion and genre.  I want to say I would rate this experience as one of my favorite shoots to date.

Working with Madison Barrett – this shot looks magical – taken by Blue Turtle Photography

Lastly, I’ll close with some notes on my visit to CLICK Models Boston office this week.  After the casting.. that didn’t ‘fit’ I was asked by my agent to stop by since they’re right next door on Newbury Street from where I had attended the 47 Brand casting.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have such amazing and talented people working with me.  We chatted about upcoming work, meeting Bianca Golden from America’s Next Top Model who attended the CVFashion Week Boston Show and how sweet she is, to my new hair .. which they loved, I was cast for a hair show just a few weeks back.  My hair got a great new cut and added low-lights which left me ready for fall  with a rich new color. If you’re looking for a great new cut or look for the start of school, head to  Charles David Salon and be sure to tell Buddy that I sent you – he is amazing!! ( ) And if you’re seeking an agency, be sure you like them as much as you want them to like you.  I am so lucky to have my agency CLICK Models Boston & Philly, from the start I could tell we would  just CLICK!

Until then…

Pose ~ Smile ~ Laugh


  June into July.. Busy!!! (July 2, 2012)

June brought the end of my Freshman year!  In between studying for finals I was invited to a SAG casting by request by none other than Billy Dowd of Billy Dowd Casting!  So cool!!  In addition to meeting Billy Dowd, I was asked to audition for a part in a movie on a separate casting call by CP Casting, and a print casting at my agency, CLICK Boston.  I worked on an independent film titled The Lamb; by Andrew Rotondi of Stonewall Productions (pic. below)  Nonetheless, I didn’t get the print job – disappointment is a side of this business that is never easy,  however, I was told I will be working on the Billy Dowd film!!

I’m excited to share, late in June I was chosen to be a featured model on a Boston Fashion Blog “The Fashion Hub” by Jennifer Chen. The Fashion Hub is a platform for the local fashion community (models, designers, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion bloggers, and more) to share (1) Fashion Casting Calls, (2) Fashion Events, for (3) Networking Purposes, Fashion-Related Promotions/Discounts for Photography Packages/Fashion Events/Fashion Design Sales.

While on vacation this past week – I was called to work on the movie Way Way Back with Steve Carell, cast by Billy Dowd.  I would have never thought vacation had a downside till that call came and I couldn’t have been farther away from MA – I was in San Diego!  The good news, I was told not to worry, they wanted me on the set and they would call when I return from CA.  Elated – the casting director did call, and I’m on set tomorrow!

In addition, I’ve been submitted by CLICK for a catalog shoot, and Boston Casting contacted me to check my availability  to work on a movie (Labor Day with Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet) in late July into early August.

I’ve pasted the LINK below for the Fashion Hub Blog post and links for those that followed:

The Fashion Hub Blog Post:

…… From this piece came a feature on the Patch, an online news feed -

…….Then again, echoed with another Fashion News Blog – Fashion News and Reviews!

That’s all for now…

Pose ~ Smile ~ Laugh

Ashley J. 

May 2012 -

Wow.. where did April go?  I had two photo shoots, the first with Jeff Demers where we blended three great looks, one with fresh spring color and pop, one with earth tones and stone and the last with some edgy spark.  One of the shots stood out and caught the attention of my agent at CLICK Boston and took the first slot on my comp card.  I also shot  with Peter Mellekas – another great photographer, and a fun day in Newport, RI.   Peter has recently shot Julia Jones, the actress that portrays Leah in the Twilight Saga films.   The shoot with Peter was inspiring and two pics from that day completed my CLICK Boston card.  CLICK Philly updated my pics on their website with the work Peter captured.

April also brought Spring vacation with a trip to the beach!  Who knew, last April we had snow on the ground, this April it was 92 and beach weather!  Got to love New England!!

Now here we are .. May!  

My comp card is being printed and will then be sent to CLICK Boston clients to start booking work!  I was contacted May 1st by a model/talent scout from BMG Models!  BMG is a Global full service agency serving Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, New York and International locations with a model and talent division. I’ve had a free portfolio for over a year, however, within a day of uploading new pics to my portfolio page I was contacted by BMG – another reason to keep your portfolio’s fresh, they do get noticed, and by doing so it could mean a HUGE BREAK for new models!

Within a few weeks I’ll be visiting the set of the  Anti-Bulling PSA I worked on a few months back for additional footage, and at the end of the month I will be working on a scene for an independent film with a director I’ve worked with a year ago – for this scene I am featured as the ‘flash forward’ character in a pivotal scene.

That’s all for now -

Pose ~ Smile ~ Laugh

~ Ashley J.

March 2012 - 

Wow, March is here already!

What’s happening with me?…

After meeting with CLICK Boston I was offered a contract by the director of the office!   I have been working with CLICK Philly since I was 9, and feel so fortunate to have my Agent Renee Lauren of CLICK Philly watching out for me. I’m one of the youngest signed by the Boston agency, and I can’t begin to find the words that express how excited I am!!   Building relationships is what life is all about, family, personal and business relationships are all built on respect.

I’ll be attending the premier of the movie Mirror Mirror in Boston this month – Seventeen Magazine’s Social Media Editor contacted me saying they’ve added my name to the list with two tickets!!

I saw an amazing presentation at school today.  It was a powerful message and I’m so grateful it was brought to the high school.  I’m hoping to be given permission to post some information about the program on my Stomp Out Bullying menu tab.  Check back for updates!

What’s next…

Now that I’m signed with CLICK Boston I’m planning a test shoot with photographer Jeff Demers.  I’ve had the pleasure to work with Jeff several times and his talent is matched by his personality, amazing and fun!

The Anti-Bullying PSA needs a bit more footage added, so we’ll be meeting again for some more frames before it’s released.

That’s all for now.. 

Pose ~ Smile ~ Laugh

Ashley ~


Ashley Jermaine February 2012 –

I’m so excited –  This is my first blog post ~

First I would love to thank Julian from for contacting me and offering to build me a website.  If anyone needs a website similar to mine, email my website guy at Or add/message him on his FB page He said he will build a free website for 3 of my friends, so I just wanted to extend the offer to anyone who may need it… just mention my name for the free site!”

Now, on to what’s new and around the corner –

Two weeks ago I helped Seng from Seng2kx Productions create a PSA for anti-bullying, a personal crusade.  This is the second opportunity I’ve had the pleasure to promote change.  The PSA will be released shortly, be sure to check my site for the final video which is sure to make an impact.  The PSA is a bi-coastal venture, with actors contributing here in New England and Los Angeles!

Last week I was contacted by a NYC Casting Agency to audition for a feature film that will be shot in Boston this summer.  It’s a huge opportunity and I’m so excited to have been asked to audition for a lead role!  The audition is taped, sent.. now … I wait!

This week I’m meeting with CLICK Boston to talk about signing on with them, as I’m already signed with CLICK Philly.

For all those who love Teen Vogue, be sure to pick up the March issue, and check out the article by Victoria Lewis titled “Fashion Envy”!  I was contacted by Teen Vogue to participate in the article which by far was one of the most exciting emails I’ve ever received!

Pose ~ Smile ~ Laugh

Ashley ~