100% Preventable Pain – Let’s End Bullying!

100% Preventable Pain – Let’s Work Together to End Bullying!

      Anti-Bullying awareness is an ongoing effort as we all work together to put an end to Bullying behavior within our communities,  helpful links and footage from anti-bullying awareness projects will be posted on this page.  If you or someone you know is being bullied – tell someone; a teacher, a counselor, a parent, a close trusted friend. 

      People have different opinions on what they think the definition of bullying is, but we can all agree that there are three common factors associated with bullying.  These are intentionally aggressive and usually repeated physical, emotional, or verbal abuse towards another person. Let’s put an end to bullying –


February 2015 -

It’s a new year, and cyber-bullying has reached an all time low.  Just like a virus that attacks a computer hard drive and spreads, cyber-bullying is a vicious super-bug that is breaking all boundaries and no one is immune.

Taylor Swift has harnessed  frustration and hurt from past and current emotionally inflicted bullying and morphed the hurt and pain into the lyrics of a song that so many relate to and gain strength from.  Taylor’s “Shake It Off’ speaks to victims, empowers and urges all to ‘Shake It Off’ ………

‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off
Heart-breakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off’

Wednesday, February 18, an accomplished and talented artist has joined the ever steady climbing number of social media cyber-bullying victims.  Iggy Azalea announced via her twitter account @IGGYAZALEA, that she is stepping back from social media following an upsetting cyber-bully attack  -


“I feel the hatred and pettiness i see online at all times is at making me become an angry person and I cannot be that. To become nasty because of the way I feel I am treated would be a disservice to my fans and I promise i will try to keep smiling. But I also want to let my fans know I am taking some time away from social media. I need to be happy and it is too negative and draining. The Internet is the ugliest reflection of man kind there is.”
11:26 PM – 18 Feb 2015

Can we learn from this?  What I found so disturbing is that  the media coverage of Iggy’s announcement included the same pictures that sparked the body image attack resulting in her choice to take a break from social media. Secretly and unauthorized, the images were snapped by someone hidden like a snake in the grass behind a long distance lens camera –  this is not okay.  So how is it that our news media also felt it was okay to post these photos?

Why do professionals feel it’s okay to re-post the cause of the pain?  How do they not understand that their actions fuel others to do the same?  What will it take for people to embrace responsibility, and stand up for what’s right?    I welcome your comments and suggestions – we need to work together to spread awareness.

Feel free to reach out to me with a message here or on my facebook page: Ashley Jermaine Model and Actress 


 Alone we accomplish little, Together We Can Make Change!

December 2014 -

I just learned that Twitter is doing something huge to help put an end to cyber-bullying – it’s now easier to block someone that is cyber-bullying - 

As found on Seventeen Magazine’s Website:  

Twitter has made it easier to report cyber bullying!  Check out Seventeen Magazine’s post found here:  http://www.seventeen.com/entertainment/reviews/twitter-update-abuse-reports?src=spr_FBPAGE&spr_id=119283838





October 2014

October 9th – Positive Post-It Day – Check out the link to an inspirational story of a bullying situation turned positive (Airdrie, Alta.)



September 2014

Wow, my little blog caught the attention of a much larger, Anti-Bully Awareness organization that emailed me today asking me to re-name my anti-bully Blog Site site.  Actually I wasn’t just asked, it was a bit more harsh, using the words “Cease and Desist” because they now hold a trademark to the three little words I used as my page title.  Of course I’ve re-named my page, I hadn’t realized when close to 5 years ago when I was donating my time to work on an anti bully video, that this cause would then become my drive to make a difference.  When I created my blog for Anti-bully awareness I also didn’t realize that there would actually be a trademark on trying to spread awareness to end bullying.

So, yes, I complied, I listened to the Cease and Desist demand – but I will not back down from the fight to End Bullying.  This is a 100% preventable hurt, and my hope is to spread awareness with my little blog with government links for help, videos sent to me by other teens with the same passion inside them and sharing the projects that I’m happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of.


March 2014

I feel as if I’ve been gone for more than a few months – but so happy to be back in Boston and reconnecting with the Models Against Bullying campaign.  A talented team came together to create photos that will be used as a backdrop for the Runway show in August which will benefit the KRAFT Jordan Family Boys and Girls Club.

photo 3 (4)22


July 2013

I’m excited to have had the opportunity to participate in the making of this video!! I continue to work on projects that spread anti-bully awareness since the very first project several years ago – it’s a personal mission – working to put an end to bullying – it’s a 100% preventable hurt, and having the opportunity to work with such talented people who share the same goal – To Put an End To Bullying – is rewarding!


I would like to share a youtube video that I received from Susan-Hunt Bradford which features her son John Bradford in his anti-bully awareness initiative “Sing for the Silent” Below is Susan’s message and the video. Great job John!!

‘Hi Ashley, I saw the trailer for the music video you were a part of and I read about your involvement in anti bullying on your website. That is awesome. I would like to show you my son’s anti bullying video. Please pass around to others if you would like to. Here is the link on YouTube. Thank you!! Keep up the great work.”  (Susan Hunt-Bradford)

June 2013

Bitopia_Cover (2)

I LOVE it when people I know, connect with other people that share my anti-bully awareness effort to spread the word and work to end bullying!   This week, because those that know me, know I’m an anti-bully activist and this connection introduced me to Ari Magnusson, author of Bitopia.

A victim of bullying  himself, Ari  lived in fear, anxiety and dread during his first year in High School, then one day a bystander intervened.   Ari noted how the bystander turned the bully’s behavior ineffective.  Ari observed the strategies the bystander used and from that day on Ari put the technique into practice and was never bullied again. 

Ari turned this terrible time in his life into a positive ‘Give Back’ initiative.  Ari Magnusson’s novel, Bitopia, an epic adventure story for boys and girls ages 8-12, tells the story of a bullied boy who figures out how to get the bullying to stop, not just for himself, but others as well  

Bitopia, named one of the best books of 2012, has become a recognized source of bullying help and a valuable read for students across many grades. I’m excited to have the opportunity to feature Author Ari Magnusson’s work on my ‘Stomp Out Bulling’ page!

To read more about Ari Magnusson, ‘Bitopia‘ and Ari’s work to end bullying – be sure to check out his webpage at www.AriMagnusson.com


If you or anyone you know is working to end bullying  - please introduce them to me, or share my website so I can help them by promoting their work!

 Alone we accomplish little, Together We Can Make Change!

April 2013

Working on MAB today!  Shooting for Models Against Bullying.  For information about the cause go to the facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/ModelsAgainstBullyingCampaign

This project combined my two passions, modeling and the passion to spread anti-bully awareness!!


 Molly Curley , Ashley Jermaine ,  Jennie Gail Ross

IMAG1570 (1)

Being Interviewed for the M.A.B. Campaign



March 2013

Yesterday I worked on the filming of an Anti-Bully video, I connected with friends I’ve worked with on previous projects, and made new friends I hope to work with again soon!
Those who know me, know that anti-bully activism is something I take seriously, and frequently donate my time to  spread awareness.   Bullying is 100% preventable – let’s work together to put an end to bullying!
Here’s a link to a sneak preview of the video – Give me a shout out to let me know you checked it out! ♥




Principal Cast









Dancing with Caitlin and Meredith












Cast & Crew Brand UR Anti-Bully Music Video











Bully’s aren’t just children on the playground, or teens walking the halls of a high school – they can be grown men and women that are ignorant enough to think it’s OK to attack someone verbally, or cowardly via email. The man that sent this email to this WI anchor is just that – and not a positive role model himself – dare he attack someone he doesn’t even know based on her appearance. October is National Bully Prevention Month – hit LIKE if you join the ranks of those that want to End BULLYING! ♥ www.AshleyJermaine.com  http://www.wcvb.com/news/national/News-anchor-responds-to-bully-s-letter-about-weight/-/9848944/16831034/-/tnutmr/-/index.html


I would like to share a video that was sent to me by Megan Landry with the following  message:

Hi Ashley, I’m 15 and wrote this because of a personal experience. I did the video myself too. I was not going to let them break me. Reality, if it shows that it bothers you, they’ll just do it more. I hope this will help those that are starting to feel torn down — to rise up! Don’t let anyone make you a victim. They aren’t worth it.

I hope my song will give other kids the power “to look right over their heads”. Because in the end bullying is really about power. Why give anyone that satisfaction over you! I didn’t, and I won’t and I hope more and more kids don’t either.

 Could you share it on your Facebook or tweet it? I’d really really appreciate it.
xoxo Megan

With permission from the communications coordinator I would like to share an amazing story of hope, kindness and a vision for a ‘chain reaction’ -

What is Rachel’s Challenge? 

Rachel Scott was the first person killed at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. Her acts of kindness and compassion coupled with the contents of her six diaries have become the foundation for one of the most life-changing school programs in America.

“I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same.” - Rachel Scott

Rachel’s Challenge was introduced to the students, staff and parents of my High School this past month.  With a powerful message and eye opening candor it is a program I would like visit all high schools nationwide.  Please share the link for Rachel’s Challenge with your High School Administration, PTA and your parents so that you too can help promote change. 

To learn more about Rachel’s Challenge, please visit : http://www.rachelschallenge.org/


Michael & Marisa – The Same

Ashley Jermaine – vh1 Interview



Helpful Links if you or someone you know is being bullied: